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InvenSense, Inc. is committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct and corporate governance. Our company has a value system that emphasizes integrity and trust at all levels of the organization. We have longstanding policies and practices to ensure that InvenSense is managed with integrity and in our shareholders' best interests. In addition, we are committed to upholding sound principles of corporate governance and to meeting the requirements of federal and state law.

During the fiscal year ended March 30, 2014, the board held five meetings. Each of our incumbent directors attended more than seventy-five percent of the meetings of the board and of the committees on which the director served that were held during the last fiscal year. Board members are expected to regularly attend all meetings of the board and committees on which they serve. Our independent directors held an executive session in conjunction with each in-person board meeting, and our chairman of the board Amit Shah presides at those sessions.
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*Effective April 25, 2014, InvenSense's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”) was amended and restated to provide additional guidance in several areas, including: potential corporate opportunities and conflicts of interest as they pertain to directors; protection of company information and property; business records, periodic reports and financial statements; compliance with laws; reporting violations and disciplinary actions. Additional technical, administrative, and other non-substantive amendments were also made to the other provisions of the Code. As with the prior version, the revised Code continues to apply to all members of InvenSense’s board of directors and all InvenSense’s officers and employees.